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...my penis is much more thicker and about 2.5 inches longer now
Garry Moore, NY

...2 months I was using patches and managed to gain 2 extra inches...
- Frank Glenn, HI

...been about three months already I'm using your patches and I'm 1.5 inches bigger...
- Dennis Maxwell, TN

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This method has been used for many years. It is sold all over the Internet, as well as adult stores. Using a penis pump only brings temporary results. By pumping more blood into the penis you get a harder erection. However, the results are not permanent. There have been many cases when penis pump wasn't used properly and caused damage to the penis tissue. Penis pumps don't increase the penis length nor width. If you use this method we advice caution.

Over many years men have used this method to increase their penis length. This is one of the most dangerous methods to use. By hanging weight to your penis you can increase the penis length but as a downside you end up with a thinner organ. If you are loo king to use the above method please make sure you don't over exaggerate with the actual weight attached to your penis. Many cases have been reported where men damaged over stretched their penis tissue causing permanent problems to have an erection. Scars are also common after using this method.

Many men think this is their last resort to having a bigger penis. Like in any surgery there are benefits but there are also great risks. The benefits include having fast results, thicker and longer penis. To increase the penis girth your body fat is injected into your penis. However, the downside is many times the fat gets misplaced over time and you end up with a misshapen and awkward looking penis. This can be even more embarrassing then having a smaller but normal looking tool. Also with time many men have to go through the same surgery since fat gets dissolved. This is very expensive operation and proceed only if you exhausted all other means and are not afraid of side effects which we will describe below.

As with any other surgery there is a great risk of getting an infection, and then death. Thus, chose your doctor with extreme caution. Scars are often hidden but still can be visible. Surgery will not improve your ability to get an erection and the size increase sometimes is temporary. Costing many thousands of dollars not many men can afford to have this operation and we wouldn't recommend them.

This method has been used for many years. Men in many different cultures practiced and still practice this method to achieve their goal of having the penis they desire. If done properly you can have a longer penis. Some men increased their size by as much as 1-2 inches. However, it won't increase the penis width. Also excercises are good for restoring blood flow into the penis, thus causing better erections. The downside of this method is that to get the results desired the exercises have to be done daily during a course of many months. The exercises require about 10 minutes per day. We have seen many single men try it, however, men living with someone else don't like the exercises since it requires a lot of privacy.
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Most of the penis pills sold today on the Internet are simply "sugar pills." They won't harm you but they also won't get the advertised results. This is because many companies just wanted to jump on the ship by not doing proper research and basically are selling vitamins to you. If you choose to try this method then consider our Vimax Pills ( click here to visit our site ). Our company put a lot of work into research and testing our VIMAX pills before we started selling it to public. We spend millions of dollars on research to create better formula and take this job seriously because we want to make sure people get results. That's why we give you your money back if you are not happy with the results.

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