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Testimonial From Frank Glenn, HI -

2 Inches in Growth in 2 Months

Hi! My name is Frank. I would really like to thank you for those Vimax Patches you got there.

Despite the good results I got from the first bottle of your pills I always had difficulty with swallowing them. So I talked to customer support and they offered me patches which turned out to be the best solution to my problem. It's a nice customer care I should say. For the next 2 months I was using patches and managed to gain 2 extra inches. It's incredible! I still don't believe my eyes. My penis is really bigger!!! Thanks again. Take care.

Testimonial From Dennis Maxwell, TN -

1.5 Inches in Growth in 3 Months

“One pill in the morning and another one in the evening….” I don't know how about others but I would definitely fail to stick to this course. Please don't think I'm a complete retard I know it's very simple but there's a whole lot of little things to do nowadays so I'm sure I would either forget to take one of the pills or both of them. Vimax Patches happened to be a proper alternative and fitted my busy life just fine. Another patch on my hip and I'm free for the next three days. It's comfortable and nobody sees it. Great idea guys! It's been about three months already I'm using your patches and I'm 1.5 inches bigger. I got 3 more packages left and I'm ready to hit the top! Yahooooooo!!!

Testimonial From Garry Moore, NY -

2.5 Inches in Growth in 4 Months

I suppose my story won't be somewhat unusual to you. I'm a young man of 25 and I was completely frustrated about my small penis. I was so shy to show it to any of the girl I had “relationship” with that I basically had no sexual life at all. Vimax patches did incredible thing to me. I was using them for 4 months and my penis is much more thicker and about 2.5 inches longer now. All my doubts are gone. I really appreciate what you're guys doing. Thanx for saving my life!!!

Testimonial From Shawn Merlow, CA -

2.5 Inches in Growth in 3 Months

Hello. My name is Shawn.

I don't think that my story is a classical success story you guys need for your site so I guess I'm writing this letter because I simply want to thank you.

I can't say I was totally unhappy with my penis size. I was pretty average(about 6 inches erect) and my sexual life was pretty ok. However it was that very thing I was a bit obsessed about. I didn't want it to be ok. I wanted smashing and passionate sexual battles to be going on in my bed. And that's when Vimax did it's work. I was using your patches for three months and gained 2.5 inch. I give more pleasure to my babe. My orgasms are more intensive and acute and I got a real WAR in my bed now.

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